Smart Health is the collection of applications and services that aims to increase the quality of life, improve health services, increase the awareness of individuals about their health, and provides a smart analysis of health data.

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  • Healthier society and individuals
  • Conscious society about healthy living
  • A more effective health system
  • More effective health policies
  • Fast decision-making potential
  • Reducing healthcare costs


  • Mobile Health Applications
  • Wearable Health Technologies
  • Remote Patient Follow-up
  • Outpatient Services for Individuals Before Heading to Hospitals
  • Home Patient Support for the Elderly, Chronic and Disabled
  • Awareness-Raising Preventive Health Services
  • Integrated Emergency Call Center
  • Chronic Patient Follow-up and Panic Button Service


  • High investment costs
  • Lack of interoperability approach
  • The difficulty of securing personal data
  • Health systems security – Cybersecurity hazards