Smart Resident is an individual who has a high level of awareness, participation and creativity, a lifelong learner, having incorporated Information and Communication Technologies into his/her life, as well as being the main element of human and social capital and the focal point of city life. The topics “Social Infrastructure, Cultural Interaction and Dependency” are covered within the Smart Human component. Social infrastructures are the activities and services aimed at improving the quality of life of the individual and society such as education, health, culture, tourism, arts, sports and social aids.

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  • Increasing People’s Quality of Life
  • Use of Collective Intelligence
  • Increasing Workforce Qualification and Employment Potential
  • Increasing Digital Inclusion and Literacy
  • Reducing Poverty and Social Isolation


  • Crowdsourcing
  • Neighborhood Platforms
  • Living Laboratory
  • Social Campaign Presence for Smart Cities
  • Free Internet Access Areas
  • Smart Guide Application-Specific to Tourists


  • Increasing the Distance Between Social Groups
  • Reaching People and Ensuring Participation
  • Empowering the Strong
  • Sustainability
  • Privacy, Avoiding Data Sharing