Smart People is the main element of human and social capital and the focal point of city life, with a high awareness, participation and creativity, lifelong learning, incorporating information technology into his life.

Social Infrastructure is activities and services aimed at raising the quality of life of people and society such as education, health, culture, tourism, arts, sports and social aids which constitute the basic stones of social structure.

Cultural Interaction is the creation of environments, possibilities and conditions that enable individuals with different lifestyles, associations and identities to harmonize on a broad common ground so that they can live in a peaceful and productive way.

Physical dependencies such as addiction, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions such as gambling, shopping, and technology dependency are the ones that occupy one’s life, disrupt communication with the environment, interfere with daily life, and harm physical and mental health.

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Increasing the quality of life for people

  • Use of Collective Intelligence
  • Increasing Labor Qualification and Employment Potential
  • Increasing Digital Inclusion and Literacy
  • Reduction of Poverty and Social Abstraction


  • Crowdsourcing

It is a term that refers to the mass resource use, the use of crowded or communal resources together. Simply, it can be said that it is performing a certain task by many people. Example: Doritos publicized a new taste search through the Promotional Tastes campaign and organized a competition. Assessed the new taste recommendations and determined the best three flavors. These three flavors were also presented on behalf of the people. One percent of the income of the people who were chosen by the name of the new taste was given as a gift.

  • Neighborhood Platforms

Increasing the coexistence, cooperation, dynamics and standard of living of neighborhood residents, and conducting activities aimed at taking and implementing democratic and collective decisions on the basis of digital media and floors. Example: “Muhit” application for creating transparency and participation in local governments. “Mahallem” application which offers the possibility of reaching and ordering and receiving services in the digital environment of the area where the residents of the neighborhood are located.

  • Living Laboratory

It is an experience, research and innovation environment that enables the community to see the real added value of new products and services for the development, testing and improvement of smart urban products or services in real environments with real users. İstanbul Başakşehir Life Laboratory is a field where information technology and design-related products and services can be tested and developed in real-life environment with real users.

  • Social Campaigns for Smart Cities

It is an activity carried out with the aim of creating smart city consciousness and promoting and disseminating intelligent city practices. The San Antonio Siclovia Festival, where streets in the city are closed to vehicles for bows, cyclists and skateboarders, is a smart people initiative.

  • Free Internet Access Areas

It is to provide people with the opportunity to use the internet for free in the public domain. Wireless internet service is available at all points of Istanbul Atatürk Airport Domestic and International Terminal and General Aviation Terminal. This service is free of charge in the passenger lounges located on the domestic and international terminal. In addition, there is also free internet access for 120 minutes in other usage areas inside the terminal.

  • Tourist Specific Smart Guidance Application

It is a mobile system that enables tourists to learn the tourist attractions, food and accommodation facilities where they visit through a digital guide. Example: With the Mobile City Tour Guide offered by the Düzce Governor’s Office, you can easily find tourist areas and sports facilities, hotels and restaurants thanks to the application they install on their smartphones. The ‘Çanakkale Rehberi’ mobile application developed by Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Department of Computer Engineering will provide guidance to anyone visiting Çanakkale Martyrs.


Increase in Social Group Interval

  • Providing Human Resources and Participation
  • Strengthening Power
  • Sustainability
  • Avoiding Privacy, Data Sharing