It is an ecosystem that uses information and communication technologies to increase the opportunity of equality by ensuring that all the people who make up the society reach the possibilities and facilities of education and education at every age, place and time.


  • Increase in the proportion of young population,
  • The demand for technology in society is high,
  • The existence of administrative and financial support for activities aimed at enhancing technology literacy.


  • E-Skill Training for Employment (Software Development, Coding Games, Robotics, 3D Technologies, etc.)

Activities aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of the students and the workforce. Example: London has invested in selected candidates for the Tech City Stars program, which runs for one year in the technology sector. London also supports Code Club and CoderDojo, which are post-school clubs provided by volunteer programmers to help children deal with coding. The UK’s “Make Things Do Stuff” campaign also supports digital creation, such as programming, digital production and application design. In addition, the year 2014 was announced as the “Encoding Year” and in 2015 the sponsorship of the BBC “Make It Digital” campaign was made.

  • Activities to Prevent Technology Dependency

Training and support activities aimed at ensuring that people can use technology effectively and efficiently without lowering their quality of life. At this point, Yeşilay’s Anti-Addiction Financial Support Program aims to create good practice through local and national good practices on young people and defined target groups through innovative projects based on prevention and to create awareness with sufficient information.

  • Digital Literacy and Awareness Training

They are the work of digital skills and awareness raising in society. Example: New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline program provides consulting services to businesses to identify employer needs and builds scalable training programs to retrain New Yorkers, giving them Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. In addition to large-scale introductions, Tech Pipeline runs scholarship programs and has a broad academia and business network for support.

  • Social Responsibility Projects Related to Technology Usage

Efforts to encourage and increase the use of technology. Example: Age UK London is a profit-oriented organization that teaches digital skills to older citizens. With funding from the Greater London Authority, Age UK London encourages young people to volunteer to teach digital skills to older citizens.


Inability to implement long-term educational policies,

  • Not being educated with sufficient quality and number of education personnel,
  • Differences in access to information and communication technology infrastructure,
  • Vital success is not as important as academic achievement,
  • Low schooling rate,
  • The number of students per classroom is high