At the INSPIRE Conference, which will be held between 25-29 October 2021, organized by the European Commission, Green Data issues will be discussed with the Architectural and Political Roadmap determination in line with the Green Deal and European Data Strategy in 2021. At the same time, the main findings of the evaluation of the INSPIRE Directive will be emphasized by looking at the past practices within the scope of INSPIRE. Topics will be covered on how to transform the INSPIRE Directive into a data sharing tool that will feed the EU common data space with green open data, with experiences and lessons learned from the past.

Sessions will attempt to provide an overview of the latest developments in new types of data from citizens and sensors, as well as advances in electronic reporting and statistical data management and use for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Conference participants will have the chance to get a comprehensive overview of current and future developments, along with the latest policy developments and governance measures discussed on new technologies and infrastructures.

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