Disaster and Emergency Applications and Systems are systems

  • take precautionsand reduce damages that may be faced,
  • prepare to disastersand emergencies
  • intervene whenan event/situation occurs
  • smartly analyze disasterand emergency data
  • cover the period of return to normal life.

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  • Raising more conscious society and individuals
  • Reduction of loss in preventable situations
  • More effective disaster and emergency planning
  • Reduction of losses in disasters and emergency situations
  • More effective coordination
  • Making more agile decision-making


  • Disaster Coordination Center
  • Smart Alert Systems
  • Emergency Cooperation Management
  • Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES)


  • Data sharing and coordination between units
  • Not being able to predict the coordination sufficiently due to structure defined
  • Unsustainability of resources in disaster and emergency situations
  • Social consciousness level