A systematic approach is needed in order to implement the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan and to provide a standard and holistic approach to be used in the projects to be realized within this scope. The Smart City Projects Preparation Standard covers basic project information and information on governance, which was created to facilitate the preparation of Smart City Projects and to provide a common structure. In this framework, a systematic approach will be formed during the projecting phase of smart city applications by preparing a standard for the Smart City Projects Feasibility Study.

Policies, legislation, programs, and models should be developed for the action of “Qualified Human Resources Capacity in the Development and Delivery of Urban Services will be Increased”, which is included in the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan, as the basic element of smart city project management.

Within the scope of the project, in terms of being a part of the smart city project management and ensuring sustainability; In order to expand the use of urban services using smart city solutions in line with smart city projects and the solutions provided, service delivery channels should be improved and their diversity should be increased. In this framework, efforts will be made to diversify the promotion channels for urban services using smart city solutions.

The works carried out within the scope of the project are carried out under the following 3 headings.