Works continue to produce joint projects with the allied country within the scope of “Sharing the Smart City experience of our Ministry in Azerbaijan and the reconstruction of the liberated areas and cooperating in this field” included in the Action Plan determined by the 9th Joint Economic Commission protocol between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan on February 17, 2021.

With the joint studies to be carried out between the two countries; It will contribute to the provision of urban services in a qualified manner, to the understanding and adoption of smart city applications by sharing experience in smart city transformation, and thus to the effective and efficient use of resources. Guidance will be provided for cities to improve their determined smart city maturity levels.

In addition, with the realization of the action points in question; It is evaluated that all ecosystem assets such as people, technology, facilities, institutions, etc., and their readiness for smart city applications will be ensured.

During the Action Plan, activities such as technical visits, training, workshops and video conferences between the parties, as well as high-level contacts, will ensure that the process is completed.