Within the scope of the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan and in line with the Smart Cities Maturity Assessment Model, the City Index System, which was prepared in order to systematically monitor the development of our cities in terms of smart city standards, has been made available to our local governments. The City Index system can be accessed at https://sehirendeksi.gov.tr/

At the stage reached within the scope of the Smart City Maturity Assessment Project for 2021, meetings were held with the coordinators assigned by 30 Metropolitan Municipalities and 51 Provincial Municipalities, and the user information was defined in order to provide data entry to the system was transmitted and introduced. In this way, local governments can log in to the system and answer questions about performance indicators on behalf of their cities.

With the project, the smart city capabilities of our 81 provinces are evaluated, maturity levels are determined and reporting studies are carried out. In the Smart City Maturity Evaluation Reports, improvement suggestions are presented in the light of the data obtained on a city basis. In this direction, the Smart City Index is created.

In addition, the development of our cities in the field of smart cities will be monitored through the City Index System.