A one-day workshop was held with the consulting academicians who were involved in the 2019-2022 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan Project hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 22 June 2018.

The study started with the presentation of the project presentation and general ideas about the current situation, needs, vision and solutions of the consultant academicians about Smart Cities were taken. Afterwards, the topics related to each component and component determined within the scope of Smart City Maturity Model Structure were examined and exchanged opinions.

Eight consulting academics from six different universities participated in the meeting. The consultant academicians involved in the project and their expertise in the project are as follows:

Ali Rıfat Boynueğri, Yıldız Technical University (Smart Constructions)
Bilge Armatlı Köroğlu, Gazi University (Smart Economy)
Çiğdem Varol Özden, Gazi University (Maturity Model)
Ebru Sezer, Hacettepe University (Information and Communication Technologies)
Hülagü Kaplan, Gazi University (Smart Transportation)
Murat Şeker, Istanbul University (Smart Man, Smart Governance)
Ümit Işıkdağ, Mimar Sinan University (Geographic Information Systems)
Ülkü Yetiş, Middle East Technical University (Smart Environment)
Valuable opinions of consultant academicians will be reflected in the current situation analysis studies, and studies with academicians will continue with contributions to the digital strategy development phase.